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    Gazdasági Rádió (Economic Radio)

    Gazdasági Rádió, which started broadcasting on 13 October 2003, is the first and only thematic radio channel of the country. The number of listeners has been increasing dynamically since the beginnings. Their target groups are entrepreneurs, managers, decision-makers of business life. However, in its programs the channel pays a special attention to those who are actively interested in economics and finance (among them science professionals) as well.

    Gazdasági Rádió has 71,000 entrepreneur, manager listeners daily, and 181,000 weekly. In Budapest and Pest county the number of listeners in the target group is 146,000 on a weekly and 67,000 on a daily basis.

    The basis of the image design was provided by the content and concept design of Gazdasági Rádió’s online strategy partner, Inter-x eMedias Ltd.

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